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Smart appliances are changing the way Lansdale residents live their lives. From smart locks to WiFi compatible curtains to refrigerators that remind you when you’re out of milk, there’s no shortage of ways that new technologies are making the homes of today resemble the space-age dwellings seen in pop culture of yesterday. Sure, we don’t have helpful robots doing the chores just yet—Roomba excepted—but we’re well on our way.

The next step? Installing smart home electric switches and dimmers made by one of the world’s leading lighting companies. Caséta by Lutron is the ultimate way to increase your family’s enjoyment of your Lansdale home—with the touch of a button!

What is Caséta by Lutron?

The range of Caséta products is designed to bring a new level of comfort and control to the average Lansdale homeowner. This efficient technology allows you to integrate your home’s interior and exterior lighting system with a variety of other smart technologies, or with your smartphone via the Lutron app.

So what does that mean? Imagine being able to tell your virtual home assistant to dim the lights to a preset level or fooling would-be burglars when you’re away on vacation by controlling the light switches remotely. When you combine Caséta switches with other Lutron products, you can have total and utter control over your home’s environment.

The possibilities are endless. You can track and monitor your home’s temperature and power usage via the Caséta wireless app and use your electricity more efficiently. Days of forgetting to turn the lights off when you leave the house are in the past—just turn on the app and switch them off at your convenience!

Installing Caséta Smart Home Switches and Dimmers

The Lutron company was the very first to introduce solid-state dimmer switches to American houses. Now, they’re spearheading the modernization of the Lansdale home.

The best part about Caséta smart home products is that they are compatible with thousands of different makes and models of light fixtures and bulbs. You can choose from energy-efficient dimmable LEDs to powerful and bright CFL models. Your home is genuinely by design from top to bottom.

The only tricky part about modernizing your home with Lutron’s Caséta wireless smart lighting dimmer switch is installing the switch or figuring out the right method of setup for your Lutron Caséta smart bridge. And that’s where Horizon Electrical Services comes in.

We’re Lansdale’s top authorized resellers and installers of Lutron smart home products, including the entire range of Caséta wireless products. Don’t install these delicate and powerful machines yourself; without knowledge of your home’s wiring, you could put yourself at risk for electrocution! Instead, call Horizon Electrical Services for installation, supply, and service.

You can pick up your Caséta products wherever Lutron devices are sold and call us to take care of the rest or call and ask about our selection of smart home electric devices. For help bringing your Lansdale home into the 21st century, call Horizon Electrical Services today!

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